Empire Tickets Frequently Asked Questions & Glossaries

Empire Tickets’ motto, “Make Life an Event,” sums up the vision for the company. “I wanted to build a brand that goes beyond good seat locations and ticket prices,” President Robbi Raitt says. “Experiences that will last a lifetime are priceless, and we are inspired by that. ‘Make life an event’ is reflected in every element of our customer experience, from your first phone call to place an order or ask about a show, to the moment the usher reads your tickets and seats you for the experience of a lifetime.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Raitt and his colleagues have built a business that provides premium event experiences to customers worldwide. Tickets available from Empire include all of the best events worldwide, from the Super Bowl to NASCAR, Broadway and high profile concert tours. And, Empire focuses on more than just providing tickets.

“In addition to making our customers feel like VIPs, we go out of our way to make the entire event experience as positive as possible,” explains Raitt. “For events like the Augusta golf tournament each April, clients need more than tickets – they have to arrange for housing, travel and other logistics, along with hospitality provided by our partner Club Magnolia. Some brokers believe that once they have sold you a ticket, their job is over. We go the distance to keep the customer happy – from booking hotels, limousines, and shuttle service to arranging group sales and providing access to parties.”

Empire Tickets is a fully licensed broker with a strong brand centered around its service, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and reliability. We're a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers which requires its members to maintain the highest level of ethics in the marketplace. We have been a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 1998 with a BBB A+ rating. We are a real brick and mortor business with real people who want to do their best for you. We are not another one of those fly-by-night dot coms.

Our total price is among the very lowest in the industry. Our superior relationships with ticket sellers give you an unmatched selection from which to choose, especially for the hottest and most exclusive events.

We are a full-service provider — we have the most responsive and helpful in-house conceirge service team to handle your every question or concern. And every order is backed by our 100% Ticket Assure Protection Guarantee.

A licensed broker is a safer way to purchase tickets. To be licensed, brokers must apply to state government and agree to certain conditions and regulations. States instituted licensing laws because they recognized the demand for the service provided by ticket brokers. Licensing has helped to regulate the industry and provide consumer protection from fraud. Most licensed brokers provide a guarantee that their tickets are authentic and valid for entry. All tickets sold by Empire Tickets are backed by our 100% Ticket Assure Protection Guarantee.

In short, no.  Sites that market themselves as "Fan-to-Fan" marketplaces are typically software companies that spend a lot of money to advertise there brand.  They are "middleman" marketplaces, do not own any of the tickets you see listed.  The vast majority of "Fan-to-Fan" tickets they list are owned and sold by brokers.  

Marketplace websites typically mark-up the broker's ticket price (the same price if purchased direct) anywhere from 10% to as high as 30%.  Most of that mark-up isn't visible in their display price. You have to place tickets into their shopping cart and get half way through the purchase process to find how much those tickets really cost!

We list our tickets on all of those marketplaces and have the same connections with other ticket sellers.  Empire Tickets can find the same tickets for you for less when you avoid the "middleman" marketplace fees and buy direct from us.

We strongly discourage customers from buying from ticket scalpers, or online from unverified sources. Not only is there no guarantee of ticket authenticity, but there is also no accountability or further recourse should the tickets prove to be invalid. Thus fraud and counterfeits are a big problem through these sources.

All tickets for sale from Empire Tickets are from professional ticket resellers as well as pre-screened individual sellers to ensure that we provide our customers with authentic tickets. All tickets are backed by our 100% Ticket Assure Protection Guarantee.

At Empire Tickets, we are committed to delivering safety, peace of mind, and satisfaction to our clients. Our customers' trust is our top priority and one of the primary reasons we have been in business for over 20 years in the same brick-and-mortar office location. Please click on the link to read about our 100% Ticket Assure Protection Guarantee.

Yes! At Empire Tickets our top priority is to ensure that all of our customers' personal information is kept safe and secure. We are not a lead generator that passes your information along. Instead we act as the liaison with the seller on your behalf, providing only with the address to which you want your tickets shipped. In addition, our website, Empiretickets.com, is constantly being monitored for security vulnerabilities as required by the Payment Card Industry, and SSL secured to ensure that your information is always safe and secure.

Yes, once an account is created the email address is permanent unless our customers email us a request to change the email address. Such requests should be sent to sales@Empiretickets.com. Please allow 1 business day for this request to be processed.

All tickets for sale at Empire Tickets are listed by professional ticket resellers as well as pre-screened individual sellers. This collection of tickets from resellers defines the "secondary market." Empire Tickets operates in this secondary ticket market. We do not own or originate tickets like Ticketmaster or a venue's box office. The secondary market is a "live market place" with ticket prices and availability that is constantly changing based on the supply and demand of interested fans, and therefore ticket prices may be above or below the printed "face value" on the tickets. Due to the nature of the ticket industry, tickets are subject to availability as noted in our Sales Terms. All orders placed through Empiretickets.com are considered a Buy Requests until the respective seller confirms availability. At that point, our 100% Ticket Assure Protection Guarantee goes into effect.

Empire Tickets operates in the secondary market for event tickets. We draw on an extensive network of relationships with ticket resellers from the USA and internationally to ensure that we have the ability to get our customers into the events they wish to attend.

Tickets are priced based on the fair market rate. Fair market rate is ascertained by supply and demand which determines the sale price of a ticket. In some events the demand will be high which will cause the sale price to be higher then the face value; however, other events may be in low demand due to less interest. It is all about the fair market rate which is defined as the price a client is willing to pay for an event. It may either be more or less than the price printed on the ticket.

Tickets for events where demand is low and supply is high may result in the ticket being sold for less than face value. On Empiretickets.com look for ticket listings with these exceptional values.  They are more common than you may think.

Empire Tickets motto, "Make Life an Event," sums up the insight that we have gained as to why tickets to events can be so memorable. It is the experience of taking your dad to see his favorite baseball team and getting him great seats in the dugout. It could be the experience of accompanying your mom to that amazing theatre production that she always wanted to see. Imagine taking your children to see the circus and having such close seats they can tweak the nose of the clowns. Those are the memories that last a lifetime and that are so precious. A ticket is the gateway to these priceless moments.

While we strongly recommend buying tickets to an event as early as possible, we are able to provide tickets to some events up to an hour before the event begins. However, bear in mind that as an event approaches, ticket availability will frequently decrease and ticket prices may not decrease.

On the top of every page on Empiretickets.com there is a search box. Simply type the name of the performer, team, venue or city in the search box, then click "Search" and a list of events will be displayed. Once you find your desired event click "Tickets" and all available ticket selections will be displayed. If Empiretickets.com does not have tickets for a specific performer/team immediately available please call us at 404-467-0227 so that we can alert you when tickets become available

Each venue has unique policies pertaining to permissible items. Since Empire Tickets bears no affiliation to any venue or box office, it is best to contact the venue directly or review their website prior to the event to receive detailed information on their policies.

Empire Tickets is not directly affiliated with any venue or box office. We recommend that customers contact the venue directly or review their website to confirm their policies and receive further information.

No. All orders are considered final once a client hits the "buy" button to place his or her order. At that point, there are no cancellations or exchanges allowed. Please review our Sales Terms and Conditions for more information.

If an event is postponed or rescheduled, the tickets will be honored for the new date of the show. In most cases new tickets will not need to be issued. A replacement ticket or a refund will not be issued. If you can not make the new date we will accept the tickets back from you on a consignment basis only. You will receive 100% of the amount that we sell them for up to the price that you paid.

Announcements can take the following form to indicate a rescheduled or postponed event including, but not limited to local newspapers, local radio, our website, a team/ artist website, or a venue website.

There are no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. However, if the original tickets were purchased through Empire Tickets and you purchase the tickets for the different date from us we will, at our option, attempt to resell your original tickets on consignment for you. Contact our Sales department at 404-467-0227 for details.

Please note that tickets need to be handled as if they were cash. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced under any circumstances.

We guarantee the tickets purchased within a ticket group will be seated together unless otherwise specified in the descriptive ticket notes. However, there maybe additional ticket groups listed in the same section and row. In that case the tickets in the additional groups will not be seated together with the tickets of the other groups although the seciton and row are the same.

Due to the dynamic nature of the business we are unable to guarantee exact seat locations. Therefore we do not list them on our website. If knowing the actual seat numbers of tickets desired will assist you in making your purchase decision then please contact our customer service team at 404-467-0227. We do require that ticket sellers give us the seat numbers when they list tickets with us and in most cases the physical tickets are in our possesion. If not we will attempt to confirm the seat numbers for you prior to your purchase. If you aren't familiar with the venue we can also assist with the location of the seats within the row, such as on the aisle, in the center of the row, to the far left side of the row, etc.

The industry standard is to sell even sets of tickets as even batches (e.g. Sell 2, 4, 6, or 8 tickets from a set of eight), and odd sets in odd batches (e.g. sell 1, 3, 5, or 7 tickets from a set of seven). This is to avoid ending up with a single ticket which is often difficult to sell. General Admission tickets, most club or pit passes, parking passes, etc. should normally be sold in any quantity but may only be listed in pairs. If the desired number of tickets is not available to purchase please contact us directly at 404-467-0227 and we will work to obtain the necessary number of tickets.

Each venue has different names for seating sections. We work hard to give our customers a good idea of the general location of each ticket. If our seating charts cannot offer a clear description of the listing(s) in question, please contact us directly and we will attempt to clarify any ambiguities: 404-467-0227

We carry a large selection of both traditional "hard" tickets as well as electronic PDF tickets, mobile tickets, Flash tickets, etc. If tickets in a given ticket group are in PDF printable format and can be emailed to you this will be indicated in the ticket group notes.  Other electronic formats, such as mobile and Flash, will be transferred to an account you will need to setup.  If you have a question about the ticket type of a listing you are considering please feel free to contact us at 404-467-0227.

Paperless ticketing is an alternative ticket delivery method, much like will call. Admission to events that utilize Paperless ticketing involves the original purchaser's credit card to be swiped by the venue attendant to gain entry into the event. Prior to the event, Empire Tickets will coordinate the meeting between the original purchaser and our customer. Each party's contact information will be exchanged for a convenient rendezvous. The original purchaser will then give the venue attendant the credit card originally used to make the purchase to allow our customer to gain entry into the event.

Some tickets, such as Ticketfast tickets, will have an individual's name on it. The name on the ticket is simply the name of the original purchaser. Tickets are completely transferrable and the attendee's name does not need to match the name on the ticket. Rest assured that all tickets sold by Empire Tickets are backed by our 100% Ticket Assure Protection Guarantee and are valid for entry.

For your protection there are a number of circumstances in which the submission of such paperwork may be necessary. Reasons why we may require authorization include but are not limited to:

  • The billing address has been incorrectly entered.
  • The order is over a certain dollar amount.
  • The tickets are shipping to a location other than the billing address.
  • The billing address is international and/or not recognized by our credit card processor.
  • The tickets cannot ship via FedEx and thus a signature cannot be obtained upon delivery. This scenario occurs most frequently for same day orders and orders for Paperless tickets.

We require authorization paper work to ensure the credit card holder is also the person placing the order. The Credit Card Authorization Form will require the customer's signature and a copy of the front and back of the credit card. The total of the order should also be listed along with a copy of government issued identification. You may fax the completed form to 404-467-0937 or reply to the original email address the form was sent from.

If asked to complete an authorization form, please note that the tickets are not on hold and the order will not be processed until the form is completed and approved by our fraud prevention team. For this reason, please make every attempt to complete the form in a timely manner to ensure that tickets do not become unavailable.

For your protection we require copies of these documents to ensure that the credit card holder is in fact authorizing the transaction. Empire Tickets protects customer's privacy with rigorous security measures. The form may only be accessed by fraud prevention management.

Absolutely! We have a variety of sources for tickets, such as individuals and season ticket holders who want to sell tickets to events they cannot attend or have extra tickets they cannot use. We also encourage professional, licensed brokers to list their ticket inventory with us. Depending on the event we may just buy the tickets from you, or we may opt to list the tickets on consignment. Consignment tickets are listed on all the major exchanges and hundreds of other ticket websites in addition to Empiretickets.com. We use speciality software to automatically update availability and price to each sales channel in real time.  Our pricing team will continually optimize the selling price according to market trends. You don't need to manage a thing. For more information or to get started please call our sales team at 404-467-0227.

There is no fee for listing tickets with Empire Tickets. A consignment fee will be deducted from the listing price after the sale has been complete. No fee will be charged if tickets do not sell.

We don't recommend doing that. The chances of a "double sale", where your tickets can be sold more than once, are too great.  And the penities charged by the other marketplaces in such cases can end up costing more than what you originally paid for your tickets!

We list tickets with all the secondary market exchanges and aggregators, small and large. Chances are really good we would be listing your consignment tickets on that other ticket site anyway. Depending on the event and whether you are a first time seller we may require you to ship or transfer your tickets to us so we have them in-hand for buyers. This also allows us to keep you tickets listed for sale to as close to the event date as possible. However, if you change your mind all you have to do is give us a call to un-list the tickets.  For traditional hard tickets you then send us a FedEx air bill to ship tickets back to you, electronic tickets will be transferred back.

At Empire Tickets we will list your unwanted tickets on all the secondary market exchanges and aggregators, small and large. Our pricing management will continually optimize the selling price of your tickets according to market trends and thus maximize your return on investment. You don't need to manage a thing. Just give us the seating details, what games you don't want to attend and let us take it from there. For more information or to get started please call our sales team at 404-467-0227.

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