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2015's Most Pivotal Moments (Rotoworld)
(Sun, 07 Feb 2016 13:43:00 PST)
Patrick Daughery takes a look at 10 of 2015's most pivotal fantasy moments.

One last look at San Francisco's now-vanished Candlestick Park (Shutdown Corner)
(Sun, 07 Feb 2016 06:24:41 PST)

Kindred-spirit QBs Favre, Stabler voted into Hall of Fame (The Associated Press)
(Sun, 07 Feb 2016 04:30:50 PST)
The first NFL game Brett Favre ever attended, as a teenager growing up in Mississippi, was the final home game of Ken ''The Snake'' Stabler's career. Favre, a New Orleans Saints fan, traveled the hour-or-so drive from home to the Superdome on that Sunday in 1984 with his father, older brother and uncle - and it was a thrill to watch a guy who electrified a stadium the way Favre himself would one day. ''All of a sudden, the crowd goes crazy, and it's because Ken Stabler poked his head out of the locker room.

Super Busts: The best teams to not win the Super Bowl (The Associated Press)
(Sat, 06 Feb 2016 09:56:57 PST)
Cam Newton and the rest of his ''Dabbin''' dancing, selfie-with-the-clock-still-running Carolina Panthers will try to avoid the same fate the 2007 Patriots or the 1968 Colt, teams whose seemingly inevitable coronation instead turned into a crowning moment for the underdog. Don Shula's first truly great team came four years before he led the Miami Dolphins to perfection. With the Green Bay Packers dynasty in its twilight, the Colts picked up the mantle of NFL's best and ran with it.

Chillin' with a special recipe for the Super Bowl (The Associated Press)
(Fri, 05 Feb 2016 17:52:57 PST)
Hormel Chili has created a ''Chili Bowl 50'' that includes 50 ingredients for fans to cook up for Sunday's game. The company says it sells more than 6 million pounds of chili in the two weeks before the Super Bowl, which would cover the field at Levi's Stadium where Denver and Carolina are playing Sunday. NEW LEAF ON LIFE: Former Chargers and Cowboys quarterback Ryan Leaf made the rounds through radio row at Super Bowl week, stopping for multiple interviews.

Patriarch of these Denver Broncos? Former coach Dan Reeves (The Associated Press)
(Fri, 05 Feb 2016 15:44:42 PST)
Dan Reeves has barely merited a mention in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, his imprint on these Denver Broncos an afterthought. Maybe it's just too easy to forget that every key architect of this season's Broncos, from general manager John Elway and coach Gary Kubiak on down, was mentored by Reeves, who led Denver to three Super Bowl appearances nearly three decades ago. On Sunday, he'll turn on the TV at home in Atlanta and watch from afar as Denver faces the Carolina Panthers in the big game, ''cheering for the Broncos, without question,'' the 72-year-old Reeves said in a telephone interview.

Elway factor underpins the Broncos' success
(Thu, 04 Feb 2016 17:20:01 PST)
As the Denver Broncos size up the prospect of winning a third Super Bowl when they take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, they can reflect on the significant influence of John Elway dating back to 1983. Led by aging quarterback Craig Morton, Denver enjoyed a franchise-best record of 12–2 in the 1977 regular season before reaching their first Super Bowl, losing 27-10 to Dallas. Since then, they have very rarely not produced winning seasons but it was the arrival of Elway, who was selected as the first overall pick by the Baltimore Colts in the 1983 NFL Draft before being traded, that made the biggest impact.

NFL-Elway factor underpins the Broncos' success
(Thu, 04 Feb 2016 16:55:01 PST)
As the Denver Broncos size up the prospect of winning a third Super Bowl when they take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, they can reflect on the significant influence of John Elway dating back to 1983. Led by aging quarterback Craig Morton, Denver enjoyed a franchise-best record of 12-2 in the 1977 regular season before reaching their first Super Bowl, losing 27-10 to Dallas. Since then, they have very rarely not produced winning seasons but it was the arrival of Elway, who was selected as the first overall pick by the Baltimore Colts in the 1983 NFL Draft before being traded, that made the biggest impact.

Some of NFL's biggest stars never played in Super Bowl (The Associated Press)
(Thu, 04 Feb 2016 12:07:58 PST)
Some of the NFL's biggest all-time stars have a gaping hole on their playing resumes.

NFL Futures Deals (Rotoworld)
(Thu, 04 Feb 2016 03:56:00 PST)
Nick Mensio keeps track of all the reserve/future contracts signed around the NFL.

NFL Panthers warned of sex scandal perils
(Wed, 03 Feb 2016 16:34:31 PST)
San José (United States) (AFP) - Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera has warned his team about the possible pitfalls lurking in the build-up to the Super Bowl after a Denver Broncos player was sent home for being caught in a prostitution sting operation. Denver practice squad safety Ryan Murphy was ordered out of the team camp late Tuesday after being detained during an incident involving his brother in a motel parking lot near the Broncos' team hotel in Santa Clara. Although Murphy himself was not cited by police, he was sent packing by a dismayed Broncos management for involvement in the incident.

Old Man Ballers: Peyton Manning can join great old guys in sports (Shutdown Corner)
(Wed, 03 Feb 2016 10:24:55 PST)
SANTA CLARA, Calif. — If your knees creak when you wake up, if you've lost count of how many pills you need to take throughout the day, if your hair has turned gray or gone away completely, you're probably rooting for Peyton Manning this week. Manning is trying to strike a blow for old men everywhere. At 39, the Denver Broncos quarterback can't throw the ball like he used to. When he runs for a first down the world stops . Manning used to be a good athlete , but what we'll see in Super Bowl 50 is a guy trying to get by on guile and experience and all those other buzzwords we use for old players. "Certainly I have some physical differences, certainly since my major injury four years ago, and I think it's about learning to adjust," Manning said on Wednesday, referring to the neck injury that kept him out of the 2011 season. "To use the baseball analogy, the guy who used to throw 95-plus, as he gets older he can't throw that same fastball but he can still work the corners of the plate and still strike a guy out." Tony Gonzalez is one of the greatest tight ends ever, and was also one of the greatest "old" players ever. In 2013, at age 37, he had 859 yards and eight touchdowns for the Atlanta Falcons and retired. Gonzalez changed his entire routine late in his career, from his nutrition to his workout regimen. What worked when he was 25 wasn't working when he was 35. "It sucks sometimes," Gonzales said. "The older you get the harder it gets. The more time it takes to get ready. And you start having to play the game with your mind more than your body. Because your body can't do what it used to do." Grandstanding: A Yahoo Sports podcast Subscribe via iTunes or via RSS feed Super Bowl 50 is the biggest age difference between quarterbacks in NFL history. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is 26, can run over a linebacker or throw 60 yards to a receiver in stride off his back foot. Even though sports will always favor the young, we've seen older guys prevail before. So in honor of that guy at the gym wearing rec specs and his socks too high who can still find a way to get around his man and score, here are the best old man ballers in sports history, a group Manning hopes to join Sunday: George Foreman: In many ways, Foreman is the patron saint of old man ballers. He was a destructive force in his prime, then faded away, and then came back. It started as a sideshow, but then Foreman became a contender. And a few days before his 46th (!) birthday, Foreman knocked out Michael Moorer to become the oldest heavyweight champion of all time. Then he went on to sell us all personal grills for our kitchens. Brett Favre: Favre, despite taking a beating his entire career and not missing a game, had the best passer rating of his career in 2009, when he turned 40. Favre posted a 107.2 rating, thanks to 33 touchdowns and seven interceptions, and carried the Minnesota Vikings to the verge of an NFC championship. This of course came after Favre changed his mind on retirement like 24 times, but old guys sometimes have memory issues. John Elway: As general manager of the Denver Broncos, Elway is Manning's boss. And he can also talk to Manning about playing well into his late 30s. Elway won his first Super Bowl at age 37, then added another at age 38 for good measure. Then he retired and made sure for the rest of time he'd be the first name mentioned when people talk about retiring on top.

Broncos practice squad player sent home from Super Bowl
(Tue, 02 Feb 2016 23:20:39 PST)
Broncos practice squad safety Ryan Murphy was sent home from Super Bowl week after he was detained by police during a prostitution sting operation. Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak released a statement Tuesday evening confirming Murphy had been sent back to Denver.

Broncos safety questioned in San Jose prostitution sting, sent home (Shutdown Corner)
(Tue, 02 Feb 2016 18:54:48 PST)
SAN FRANCISCO—Just hours after former Atlanta Falcons safety Eugene Robinson told the Carolina Panthers to avoid getting caught making bad decisions on Super Bowl week , a member of the Denver Broncos has apparently been questioned as part of a prostitution sting. San Jose television station KPIX reported that Ryan Murphy, a Broncos practice squad safety, was questioned by San Jose poiice and released in a Tuesday sting effort, but that Murphy's brother and a suspected prostitute were issued citations. According to KPIX , police detained a suspected prostitute, who then led them to a car where Murphy and his brother were sitting. Murphy, a seventh-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks last year, has been on Denver's practice squad since November. Shortly after news of the incident broke, the Broncos sent Murphy home. " Although practice squad safety Ryan Murphy was not cited by police, we decided it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for Super Bowl 50 without him," Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak said in a statement. "Ryan is returning to Denver but his status as a practice squad player has not changed at this time." Podcast: Super Bowl Media Day, including Deion Sanders' absurdity: Grandstanding: A Yahoo Sports podcast Subscribe via iTunes or via RSS feed ____ Jay Busbee is a writer for Yahoo Sports and the author of EARNHARDT NATION . Contact him at or find him on Twitter or on Facebook .

Eugene Robinson tells Panthers what not to do Super Bowl week (Shutdown Corner)
(Tue, 02 Feb 2016 18:35:20 PST)
SAN FRANCISCO—Seventeen years ago, Atlanta Falcons safety Eugene Robinson carved his name in stone atop the list of all-time idiot Super Bowl moves when he was busted the night before the game for soliciting an undercover officer . Robinson had just collected an award for high moral character, was just hours away from the start of the most important game of his life, and yet here he was cruising through the Miami streets. Robinson and the Falcons were humiliated in that game, a 34-17 blowout at the hands of, yes, the Denver Broncos. On Monday, Robinson spoke to the Broncos' 2016 opponents, the Carolina Panthers, to give them a warning: don't do what I did. Podcast: Super Bowl Media Day, including Deion Sanders' absurdity: Grandstanding: A Yahoo Sports podcast Subscribe via iTunes or via RSS feed Robinson, now a color commentator for the Panthers, spoke to the team in a private meeting.“He was basically saying don’t mess up,” Panthers receiver Brenton Bersin told the Charlotte Observer . “And don’t let the hoopla and all the stuff that’s available to you, you don’t have to be doing all that stuff.” “That’s the first time I heard that story. I didn’t know anything about it,” tight end Ed Dickson said in a line that will make you feel old. “It says a lot that he would open up and say something about it. Because a lot of people would hold it in and not even talk about that moment.” "It was painful. I cried the entire night," Robinson said, recalling that night . "I was like, 'How did I get so far over here when I was way over there? It's easy to lose your way when you're selfish and you're only thinking about yourself. That's what I did." ____ Jay Busbee is a writer for Yahoo Sports and the author of EARNHARDT NATION . Contact him at or find him on Twitter or on Facebook .

Robinson to Panthers: Don't do what I did at Super Bowl (The Associated Press)
(Tue, 02 Feb 2016 14:52:25 PST)
Before the Carolina Panthers went to California for the Super Bowl, team broadcaster Eugene Robinson had a message for the players: Don't mess up like I did. Robinson was a Falcons safety in 1999 when he was arrested the night before the Super Bowl for solicitation of a prostitute, while his wife and children were in a nearby hotel. Robinson played in the Super Bowl the following day, but gave up an 80-yard touchdown pass and missed a tackle on a long run as Atlanta lost 34-19 to the Denver Broncos.

Josh Norman takes dig at Odell Beckham Jr., spars with Deion Sanders (Yahoo Sports)
(Mon, 01 Feb 2016 23:33:35 PST)
The Panthers cornerback wore a wrestling mask for part of his Super Bowl media session – a fitting look for someone who embraces drama.

A look at some memorable Super Bowl meltdowns (The Associated Press)
(Mon, 01 Feb 2016 09:24:15 PST)
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Getting to the Super Bowl takes years of hard work and sweat for the players who reach the game.

NFL limbers up for Super Bowl 50 with Pro Bowl exhibition
(Sun, 31 Jan 2016 21:43:05 PST)
National Football League fans hungry for the Super Bowl 50 showdown between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos got an appetizer with the Pro Bowl exhibition in Hawaii. As the Panthers and Broncos arrived in San Francisco, shifting the center of the NFL universe to the Bay Area, league stars whose teams didn't make it to the February 7 championship spectacle strutted their stuff Sunday at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu -- where the all-star team captained by former Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin defeated the team captained by former 49ers legend Jerry Rice 49-27.

Russell Wilson throws 3 TDs in 49-27 Pro Bowl victory (The Associated Press)
(Sun, 31 Jan 2016 21:18:50 PST)
With no Super Bowl trip this season for the Seattle Seahawks, their stars came to play - and dominate - at the Pro Bowl. Russell Wilson threw three first-half touchdown passes to lead Team Irvin to a 49-27 victory over Team Rice on Sunday and earn offensive MVP honors at Aloha Stadium. Seattle teammate Michael Bennett was the defensive MVP after having the game's only sack and deflecting a pass.

Rice runs autographs for Landry at Pro Bowl practice (The Associated Press)
(Sat, 30 Jan 2016 15:40:23 PST)
There was at least one autograph-seeker Saturday that Jarvis Landry had to oblige: Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice. Minutes after Team Rice's 30-minute practice session ahead of Sunday's Pro Bowl, Rice came jogging across the field to seek out the Miami second-year wide receiver for one eager Dolphins fan. Landry, selected for his first Pro Bowl after recording 110 receptions for 1,157 yards this season, did the alumni captain one better.

All-Pros-All-Pros Preview (The Associated Press)
(Sat, 30 Jan 2016 08:27:53 PST)
Eli Manning was the second pick Wednesday in the Pro Bowl Draft - and he's got his No. 1 guy on his side in wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The New York Giants' duo will represent Team Rice in the NFL's all-star game Sunday at Aloha Stadium. Beckham and Los Angeles Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald are serving as active-player captains for Team Rice, while Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman and Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Geno Atkins are captains for Team Irvin.

Michael Bennett does it all at Pro Bowl practice (The Associated Press)
(Fri, 29 Jan 2016 17:57:10 PST)
Michael Bennett did his best imitation of Deion Sanders on Friday. Bennett, a Seattle Seahawks defense end and member of Team Rice for Sunday's Pro Bowl, did a little bit of everything at Friday's 45-minute practice session on Oahu's north shore. Bennett later lined up next to Philadelphia's Darren Sproles as dual punt returners during special teams drills and was the recipient of a reverse from the latter on one return.

NFL-National Football League roundup
(Fri, 29 Jan 2016 16:59:42 PST)
The San Diego Chargers have decided to remain in San Diego for the 2016 season and will make another attempt to land a new stadium, team owner Dean Spanos said on Friday. The announcement came shortly after the Chargers reached an agreement in principle to share the proposed football stadium in Inglewood with the Los Angeles Rams. The Chargers now have until Jan. 15, 2017 to decide whether or not to move the franchise to Los Angeles.

Falcons GM Dimitroff stresses close relationship with Quinn (The Associated Press)
(Thu, 28 Jan 2016 15:34:26 PST)
In his first public comments since keeping his job, Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff had coach Dan Quinn by his side. While Dimitroff stressed Thursday that he retains the final say on who the Falcons draft and sign, he did little to dispel the notion that Quinn was largely responsible for saving his job. Dimitroff has been under fire for poor drafts and questionable free-agent signings, leading to three straight seasons without Atlanta making the playoffs.

NFL Giants' Manning-Beckham combo intact for Pro Bowl
(Thu, 28 Jan 2016 12:28:27 PST)
New York (AFP) - New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and receiver Odell Beckham will be teammates again Sunday at the NFL Pro Bowl, the league's annual all-star showcase matchup in Honolulu.

Wednesday's Sports in Brief (The Associated Press)
(Wed, 27 Jan 2016 23:43:15 PST)
MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- Serena Williams is one win away from another Grand Slam milestone after beating Agnieszka Radwanska 6-0, 6-4 in an Australian Open semifinal that was almost a non-contest between the players who'll be Nos. 1 and 3 in the next women's rankings.

The Coaching Carousel: NFC (Rotoworld)
(Wed, 27 Jan 2016 12:01:00 PST)
Raymond Summerlin runs down the coaching and organizational changes for every team in the NFC.

Falcons' Trufant, DiMarco land first Pro Bowl selections (The Associated Press)
(Mon, 25 Jan 2016 17:01:24 PST)
FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) -- Atlanta Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant and fullback Patrick DiMarco have been added to the Pro Bowl roster.

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